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Elestration® Open Studio 2019 © Hayley C Lewis


Elephant Ivory is as precious as Gold, they need it more than we do. ~ Hayleyck

Welsh artist, Hayley C Kamans (formerly Hayley C Lewis) aims to raise awareness for the future of elephants through her unique Elestration® in her campaign to prevent the plight of their endangerment. She aspires to make a significant contribution towards conservation by sharing her passion, capturing imaginations and inspiring curiosities.

We are a proud supporting partner of HERD (Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development) and Trunks & Leaves. We donate a 10% share of Elestration® profits to their incredible missions.

I am currently working from my little studio at home in Bridgend, Wales, painting my blue elephants. With the help of Business Wales and Start Up Loans UK I was able to create, build and re-brand into Elestration® in 2020 which I am very grateful for. I started this journey in 2011 whilst studying Ceramics at University, I have a long held interest in the depiction of animals in art: particularly the elephant. This has led me to an awareness of their endangerment.

In my work I aim to convey the role and nature of elephant's lives through the ages with their magnificent forms, using an illustrative method of blue and white painting. Whilst studying in university, I used porcelain for its precious, reflective and symbolic qualities to raise awareness of their vulnerability, and juxtaposing historical and contemporary in order to give the viewer an insight into this very special and endangered relationship with elephants through museology, which you can find here images from my past ceramic projects and see the development into Elestration.


Studying and combining ceramics and illustration has influenced my current art practice and brand. I developed a unique way of using illustration to bring these current concerns forward and to urge the public to look at the issues facing their extinction, and reveal truths that are crucial to the way in which we see the future of elephants and conservation. I realised my love for elephants and illustration through many years of study and research which is why I continue to illustrate elephants today.

My long term goal is to make a significant contribution to vulnerable Elephants through illustration. I want my work to raise awareness, and to achieve this I want to share my vision and imagination with the world.

Elestration Values

Passionate and dedicated to supporting elephant conservation

Unique, bold and compassionate in my approach to raise awareness through blue Elestration®

Always creating and producing high quality products from original artwork

Always endeavour to improve environmental impact by using sustainable products and packaging

Trust in the knowledge you can be sure conservation is an integral core part of what I do

Always striving to inspire others to support elephant conservation


2019 - The Pimlico Road Series, The Odd Chair Company, London Craft Fair.

2012 - Mint 'A Spatial Surprise' London Design Festival

2012 - Mothers of Africa, Cardiff Bay

2012 - BA Graduates show, Made in Roath, Caffi Parc, Cardiff


2012 - Art in Clay, Hatfield House, England

2012 - New Designers Graduate Show, London

2012 - Unearthed, BA (hons) Ceramics Degree show, Cardiff.

2012 - Number sixteen, emerging artists from Cardiff and bath, Cardiff

2011 - Usak University, Turkey, '2nd Young Ceramicists Tile Competition'

2011 - ‘Below the surface’. ‘The Sketchbook Project’ Tour, Art House Co-op. Brooklyn Art Library, NY.

2011 - ‘The Postcard Exhibition’, Studio B, Cardiff.

2009 - Bridgend College Exhibition in Pencoed Final 2nd Year.

2009 - Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson Company. Pencoed.

2008 - Bridgend College Exhibition in Pencoed 1st Year.

2008 - National Wool museum Wales ‘Cwtch’ Project. Wales.


2011 - ‘Hitit Ceramic Incentive award’ '2nd Young Ceramicists Tile Competition', Usak University.

2011 - ‘Technical Recognition Award’, Cardiff School of Art and Design.

2010 - Bridgend College Student of the year award: Art and Design

2009 - ‘Outstanding Recognition award’ Bridgend College.

2008 - 3rd in National Wool Museum Wales ‘Cwtch’ Competition. Wales.


2023 - Private collection, London

2021 - Private collection, South Wales

2019 - 2020 - Private collections - African Elephant Painting, Cardiff

Feb 2018 - Private collection - African Elephant Painting, Cardiff

Aug 2018 - Private collection- African Elephant Painting, Chester

Aug 2018 - Private collection - African Elephant Painting, London

May 2011 - 2nd Young Ceramicists Tile Competition' - Porcelain tile, Uşak University, Turkey.


2019 - House & Garden 'Art Edit' May issue. Page 179.

2019 - House & Garden 'Art Edit' April issue. Page 204.

2018 - Vanity Fair "Unparalleled Design's" October Issue. Page 143.

2018 - House & Garden 'Art Edit' October issue. Page 299.

2018 - House & Garden 'Art Edit' September issue. Page 144.


2009 - 2012

BA (hons) Ceramics

Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff

Degree: 2:1

2007 - 2009

BTEC (National Diploma) Art and Design.

BTEC Award in Visual Arts.

Grades: Triple Distinctions

Bridgend College, South Wales


The Odd Chair Company Limited, London.

© 2024 Hayley C Kamans. Elestration® Please contact me for images.
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