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What's so special about a Giclée print and the paper you use?

Archival Prints / Giclée Prints are museum-quality fine-art prints. A fine-art Giclée is the closest you can get to an original. This is printed with Epson Ultrachrome HDX on Fabriano Artistico Rough Watercolour 100% cotton rag archival 310gsm paper. These prints are made with an ultra-high-resolution fine-art printer, using very high quality archival inks and papers. Your artwork purchase is an investment, as such we want you to enjoy this for generations.

How do you sign and authorise your prints?

Each print is hand embossed and hand signed with the Elestration embossment, validating it as an authorised Giclée print that conforms to archival standards. All copyrights and reproduction rights are retained by the artist upon sale of artwork.

What will I receive with my Giclée print and how do I care for my Giclée print?

You will receive your artwork carefully wrapped with specially designed eco friendly Elestration tissue paper which is handy if you ever need it as a gift! Inside you will find your elephant carefully tucked away inside an eco friendly cellophane bag and backing board, behind your board you will find your artwork certificate of authenticity which is hand embossed and hand signed for authorisation, on the back of this you will find your elephant artwork care instructions, you can be assured that I have carefully inspected your elephant before dispatch with his/her belongings.


When taking care of Giclée prints I include a care guide with your artwork specifically for preserving your artwork. Handle your prints with extreme care, try not to touch the surface of the paper, always hold the paper by the edges and wear cotton gloves if necessary. If you need to clean the print for any reason only use a soft dry cloth to gently wipe dust or dirt.

Do you use real gold?

Yes we do! Our embellished gold leaf tusks are hand applied. The Superior gold leaf I use is 24 karats and is beaten into leaves by the experienced goldbeaters of Giusto Manetti Battiloro. 

What is the Pearl embellishment? what does this mean?

The hand applied Mother of Pearl segments used on the tusks as embellishments have been carefully sliced from Whole Shells. An intricate process that turns a curved shell into a flat and versatile product solution using thin strips of shell called feathers which are pieced together like a puzzle to form the full sheet. Each segment I use on the tusks is Archival and hand varnished to protect from UV light damage.

The Pinctada Maxima oyster is the largest and rarest of all the pearl oysters. The shells are bred in a hatchery, before being taken to the pearl farms. Most shells will have produced two or three pearls in their life time before they are harvested. This product has a strong story of sustainability, utilising a valuable by-product of the pearling industry, there are no concerns surrounding over harvesting and exploitation. All the shells that are used are listed as “not at risk” by CITiS.

What Elephant charities/organisations do you donate to?

We currently support two organisations which I am very passionate about, each painting I create has a corresponding charity I donate to which you can read about here.

Can I order a size that is not available on the website?

We have a number of new sizes available for some of our designs, not all designs are suitable to print larger as they were painted very small to begin with these are (Efa and Gwylim) see individual products for sizing that is available, if you want a larger size than 28 Inches please get in touch to discuss.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes we do! For any international orders outside of the UK, please email for custom size enquiries to obtain a quote.

Returns and refunds?

Please see Returns and Refunds here for more information.

Delivery times, how long until I receive it?

Please see shipping here for more information and latest updates on posting.

How do I display my prints? and where can I find a frame?

Visit your local framer they will have so many options to choose from to suit your requirements! Getting your artwork investment framed professionally will ensure that your print lasts a lifetime. Keep your artwork out of direct sunlight and protected from moisture, if exposed to extreme heat or sunlight over long periods of time, print colours can become discoloured or faded. Frame under non-glare glass, treated with a coating to protect the work from UV sunlight if possible. This not only protects your artwork from sunlight, the non-glare glass makes it easier to see the artwork surface when it is displayed. The mat and backing of your frame should be made of acid free paper and finished with acid free tape, this is to avoid any moisture reaching your artwork and damaging it. If mounting or framing, use only archive grade tapes and glues. You can see examples of how I display artwork on my website and social media.

Are you doing commissions at the moment?

I am currently not taking any commissions for original artwork at this present time because I am working hard on designing a shop so that everyone can access Elestration®. If you want to see previous commissions please click here to see my Elephology Archive where you will find images of previous sold Elestration artwork.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss any ideas or future commissions or complete the contact form

Do you personalise prints?

Yes we can. Please email me with your order number or email address, and we can discuss this before I dispatch it to you. I can hand write a small amount of text or a name underneath the bottom of the elephant on the print.

Do you sell to shops and other traders?

Please visit the wholesale page here for more information.

How do you help the environment?

Yes we do! All products and packaging are produced within the UK using locally sourced businesses and FSC® certified stock wherever possible (this guarantees that a product has been sourced in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner). The Giclée Prints are produced and printed locally in Wales where I am based. The illustrated tissue paper is produced by an Eco-Packaging Alliance company that plants a tree in an area that needs reforestation for each order. Being environmentally friendly is a really important value of Elestration as such I have selected products with care for the environment in mind. Visit our sustainability page here for more information.

If there are another other questions you can think of that are not above please contact me.

Elestration® 'Efa' © Hayley C Lewis
© 2024 Hayley C Kamans. Elestration® Please contact me for images.
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